Fashion  •   August 17th, 2020

Nowadays, mixing African prints with other prints or solid colors is a Fashion Trend. I personally love to incorporate African prints with pieces that I already have in my closet.  Adding African prints to tour look, adds life and bring so much fun to your style. Whether it’s a skirt, pants, dress, a top or shirt, African prints have bold and colorful prints, so it’s important to not over do it. In today’s look, I incorporated African prints to my work wear and here are 5 tips how to do so

Combine conventional and traditional prints: This can be done by wearing African prints bottoms with a blazer. Adding a blazer will bring a sophisticate touch to your style.

African Print Dress:  Match the dress with a solid colored belt to tone down the prints and to bring a clean finished look.

Print on print: Without overdoing it for this look, choose your African pattern carefully, avoid overly bright patterns. Stick to neutral ,dark or monochromatic tones and classic cuts.

African Print bottoms: Whether it’s a pencil, maxi, flare skirt or pants, pair any of them with a solid color fitted shirt or blouse. This as well will tone down the prints without taking out its boldness.  For a different look if you don’t want to wear a full printed piece,  you can also incorporate a small touch of African print on solid colors, this can be the rim and/or waistline of a skirt, the collar or pocket of your shirt,

Accessories: Add a clutch, purse, headwrap and/or  jewelries to finish your look. African Prints accessories are so elegant and always fun pieces to pair with any style.

|Outfit : Blazer, Blouse, Belt : H&M | African Print Joggers : Kandes Couture | Shoes : Vince Camuto |