Fashion   •  September 14th, 2020

Silk scarves are definitely closets staples and accessories that will always be timeless no mater the season or the occasion.

Not only I collect them, but I love to style them in different ways. Whether I wear them around my neck or style my purse, silk scarves are the perfection addition to compliment and add that touch of chicness to any outfits. Casual, boho or classy look, you would not go wrong.

So here are my 5 favorites ways to tie a silk scarf

The Classy French long tie

The classy long tie will look great with a V or crew neck sweater, T-shirt or/and even with a blazer. It’s the easiest tie and goes with almost every look or style.

How to achieve the classy tie : Fold the scarf corner to corner to get a big triangle, then fold it on half, then in half again until you get a very long look alike thin rectangle. Then tie it once around your neck (on the side). To have that ” je ne sais quoi” touch, add a beret and you will be ready to blend in with the French.

The Ascot tie or the V-neck front tie

This is my favorite tie. This tie goes well with a button down shirt or a blazer. It meant to look like men ascot.

How to achieve the “Ascot tie”: Fold it to get a big triangle, then tie the two pointed edges of the scarf at back and bring them in front, the triangle part should be in front. If you are wearing a shirt, the easiest way will be to tuck the scarf inside the shirt and fluff it as you please. This tie is so chic and classy that you will definitely turn some heads.

The Over the shoulder

Ok, this is not really a tie, but this look is so elegant and none like other. If done well, the scarf can appear as part of your garment.

How to achieve this look : Fold it to get a big triangle like in the previous two steps, then throw it on your shoulder with the two triangle’s edges hanging in front and at the back. Put a belt around your waist going over the scarf  to secure it. This look goes well over most garments.

The Pony Tail Tie

Using the scarf as a hair accessory is a trend that can never goes out of style. It adds so much elegance and will complete any look.

How to achieve the tie : Fold it as a Classy French Long tie and tie it around your ponytail and let the two long edges hang. It’s such a posh look and goes well with classy or casual looks.

The Handbag Tie

Adding a little flair to your handbag with a silk scarf is a trend that is coming back and frankly, it’s such a chic trend and it is here to stay.

How to achieve the look: Follow the step of the Classy French long tie and wrap it around on one of the purse handle. You can let it hang or make a bow as shown in the pictures.

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