Travel  •  September, 2018

San Francisco… What a beautiful city… From its architecture to the food, it’s definitely a city worth the visit. I stayed at the Sheraton in Fisherman Wharfs which was the perfect location as most of the sightseeing attractions  were within proximity.

My day started with a bus tour of the City. I went on The Golden State Bridge (Just like in the popular 90’s TV show Full House lol) then to Sausalito in Maurin County where I spent most of my afternoon. The weather is much warmer and the city is so charming.

The next day, I started at the famous Ghirardelli Square to grab a hot chocolate and learn about the history of one of the famous chocolate in the world.It’s basically a Chocolate Museum LOL.

I got to ride on the cable car from Fisherman Wharfs to China Town and Union Square. I stopped at Westfield Center where I got to see famous designers and Department stores from Bloomingdales, Burberry, Tory Burch and Zara to name a few. To finish my day, I walked along the Hyde Pier and watched the sun set.

On the last day, I had breakfast at the famous Hollywood Café. Once seated, you are welcomed by a wall of famous faces. From the Jacksons 5 to the beautiful Nefertiti, you are bound to find one of your favorite Hollywood stars. In fact, some of their menu items are named after a movie star or a famous singer.

After breakfast, it was time to wonder around to admire more of the architecture of this beautiful city.

Few blocks from my hotel, I discovered there was the famous Lombard Streets, famous for its usual windy “hairpin” bends (a rather daunting experience for those who suffer from car sickness)

My trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting Little Italy. From its beautiful Victorian homes, small coffee shops, clothes hanging on windows and people sitting at corners streets sipping on a  cappuccino, I just fell in love with its charm. I stopped at Victoria Pastry Company to taste some of their renowned pastries and drinks. A mille feuille and cioccolata calda were absolutely delectable, delicioso and I off course had to try a gelato.

I truly had a wonderful time on this trip… I had the time of my life and it’s on my list for a 2nd visit.

I would love to hear your experience and memories while visiting  San Fran, so leave a comment below 🙂

Thank you!

Nathalie, xx

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